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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade ensures that craftspeople receive a fair price for their goods, and thereby make living wages from their work. Under Fair Trade, working conditions are healthy and safe and there is no child labor .

The Fair Trade movement has been vocally supported (through the organization Oxfam International) by well-known figures such as Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morissette, Michael Stipe, Colin Firth, Chris Martin and Gael García Bernal.

Where and how are Yellow Label Kids products manufactured?

Yellow Label Kids is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which is an association of businesses that are committed to following fair trade principles. As an FTF member, we have been through a selective, independent screening process to verify that our business practices meet Fair Trade standards.

Yellow Label Kids handcrafted products are made by groups of artisans spanning the globe from Chile to Nepal . The fair trade, non-profit organizations with which we work provide a variety of programs to help better the lives of low-income producers.

These include:

•  Working centers or special allowances designed to accommodate the needs of mothers with nursing babies and/or young children.
•  Flexible work times for women who wish to pursue literacy and further education.
•  A medical doctor available to offer free treatment to those who need it.
•  Training and working opportunities specifically for disabled women.
•  Support and counseling for victims of domestic violence and women forced into arranged marriages.
•  Educational opportunities, shelter and healthcare where none have existed for children in rural areas

Additionally, in developing products, our suppliers look for materials that are ecologically sustainable, natural, and non-toxic.

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